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How many of us would be able to witness at first hand the moment when a brand new industry is born, and even contribute to the process while doing a job that we truly enjoy. Such an opportunity might be described as so rare as to be miraculous. The challenge we are embracing at GROOVE X is to develop the new home-use robot LOVOT, which is designed to foster the ability of people to express affection while enriching their lives. In order to start from zero for a product category that previously did not even exist, we are tackling many issues, such as creating a new company organization, new business model and new product development.

We’re Inventing a “Natural Robot”— Something the World Has Never Seen Before

So that LOVOT might be able to behave naturally, we have incorporated various robotic technologies into its design. Human beings have an innate ability to sense that something is not right when a living creature is not acting naturally. Our strategy has been to reduce one by one things that might trigger such a feeling of something being somehow off in order to come up with a robot companion that will truly feel like it is a “part of nature.” Through this process of incremental improvements, we are creating something so natural it is capable of making our lifestyles more fulfilling. The evolutionary process for living organisms has been rational, and the accumulated knowledge inherent within it is what makes natural creatures and natural behavior as we perceive them. By respecting the evolutionary process for living beings and adopting some of its features, we are on the way to creating a natural LOVOT.

We Are All Concentrating Our Passion on a Single Invention

We at GROOVE X are not developing any products besides LOVOT. We have gathered together a crack team of professionals with varied areas of expertise, but everyone is fixated on the development of this one product from ground zero. How often can a person share such an experience in his or her lifetime?

Working at GROOVE X means that you yourself have to consider how best we can reach our joint goal, then win the understanding of your colleagues, and together work out solutions to the problems you encounter. That makes for a workstyle that is far from easy. But precisely because it is so challenging, a career at GROOVE X can provide you with an opportunity for tremendous personal growth.

Won’t you join us in our mission to create a new industry centered on LOVOT designed to bring trust and sense of security to society?

We are developing “LOVOT,” our new robots, in the district where old-time puppet craftsmen poured their heart and soul into their puppets. In this district, where old-time atmosphere remains, we GROOVE X are striving to create better products, while nurturing various kinds of culture within the company.