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Bring out humanity’s 
full potential through robotics.


Build trust between humanity and robots,  
to create companions for more enriched and secure living.



The one and only robot in this universe that heals your heart.... It is possible to be loved as your family, partner, or your loved one,

instead of praised just because of its convenience or functionality. GROOVE X pursues to create a robot that touches your heart.

"Does this advancement benefit human beings?"

Message from the CEO

Has technology made people happy? Without a doubt technology has made our lifestyles affluent and enhanced efficiency in many ways. But if you ask if it has really made human beings happy, I believe you will likely find that not many people can answer “yes” with conviction.

The reason why is that along with technological advances we have seen a growing gap between our plentiful lifestyles and our emotional engagement and sense of satisfaction. Groove X has created LOVOT in order to help bridge that gap.

All the more because technological progress has provided us with an abundance of material possessions, we have become increasingly aware that experiences and memories are more important than objects. LOVOT provides something that previous robots have not been able to deliver. With our world-first innovative robot, we believe we have set a new course and taken the first step towards the creation of a new sense of values in which technology itself facilitates emotional fulfillment and caring. In the kind of society that we have in mind, robots for a new age will be able to make people happy while enhancing their performance.

We Want to Invigorate Japan. The Future Envisaged by GROOVE X

GROOVE X would like to become a catalyst for restoring dynamism to Japan in two ways. First, we believe that a Japanese startup that proves able to join the ranks of global players could help reinvigorate Japanese industry as a whole. A startup that makes it big would also encourage adventurous would-be entrepreneurs to take risks, and thereby accelerate new developments in various fields of industry.

Secondly, it should boost financing—the lifeblood of startups—at the global level. Increasing the number of Japanese startups which can earn foreign exchange and achieve a global presence is an important task.

Promotion of reinvigoration of Japanese industry and the appearance of Japanese startups committed to making their mark in world markets could help restore vitality to Japan. GROOVE X has taken the initial step on that road to renaissance.

Financing Procured

Seed Period

In order to raise startup financing in Japan to the global standard, we immediately adopted the convertible equity approach (issuance of subscription rights to shares through third-party allotment) pioneered in Silicon Valley as the most appropriate method for capital procurement during the seed period. By doing so we initially were able to raise more than 1.1 billion yen.

See “Convertible Equity Changing Japan Startups”

Series A

We procured up to 6.45 billion yen through a third-party private share placement, with the top investors being the Mirai Creation Fund and Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ). Up till now, GROOVE X has secured financing of roughly up to 8.0 billion yen in total.

See: “Robot Venture Business GROOVE X has Raised a Hefty 8.0 Billion Yen in Financing”


Sumitomo Fudosan Hamacho Bldg.
3-42-3 Nihonbashi-Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0007, JAPAN


NOVEMBER 2. 2015
81 (As of November 30. 2018)
Kaname Hayashi
Developing “LOVOT”, a new home robot that stirs your instinct to love.